10 Strongest Armies In The World 2019

Every year billions of dollars are spent by countries in order to make sure their armies are prepared for every scenario. From hi-tech gadgets to hi grade weapons, every country wants to be one of the strongest countries in the world, every country wants to be the most highly equipped country. Only few countries are able to make to the list.

So here we present you the 10 strongest armies in the world with the annual budget

10. Japan: Budget  – $49.1 billion

9. South Korea: Budget  –  $34 billion

8. Turkey: Budget  –   $18.18 billion

7. Germany: Budget  – $45 billion

6. France: Budget  – $35 million

5. The United Kingdom: Budget  – $54 billion

4. India: Budget  –  $46 billion

3. China: Budget  – $126 billion

2. Russia: Budget  – $76.6 billion

1. The United States: Budget  – $612.5 billion


Well, these armies look very scary to us. What is your take on this? Comment down below.

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