Aeroflot: The Russian Aviation Giant becoming the best in business?

Aeroflot is the flagship russian carrier and is the flag carrier of the Russian Federation. The carrier is an open joint stock company offering domestic as well as international services out of its hub Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow.

Aeroflot is the oldest airline in the world tracing back to its origins in 1923. During the era of the soviet union, it was called the soviet national airline and the largest airline venture in the world. Once the soviet union was over, it was relegated from a state run enterprise to a semi-privatised company. As of 2007, it was ranked the 19th most profitable airline in the world. Aeroflot is still considered the Russian flag carrier with upto 51% holdings by the Russian Government. As of 2017, Aeroflot controls 40% of the air market in Russia.

Note: Russian Aeroflot was one of the first operator in the world to successfully operate a jet airliner made by the Tupolev aircraft company and the flight was named TU104 way before the American flagship Boeing 707 took flight. It was a 2 engine jet airliner with a flight range of upto 4000 kms. It entered service on the Moscow-Omsk-Irkutsk route, marking the first sustained jet service.

By the year 1976, Aeroflot services began operating out of 5 continents namely North & South America, Europe,Africa & Asia and the network included flights to countries like US, China, UK, Spain, Cuba, Mexico & so on.

But the dissolution of the soviet union had its adverse effects since by the year 1996 the Aeroflot fleet shrunk from 5400 planes to just 115 planes. Since then Aeroflot has been working towards positioning itself as a reliable and a safe airliner in the world. In the early 2000’s the airline hired british consultants for the re-branding process. The old soviet era logo was discontinued which was followed by a more pleasing livery & uniforms for flight attendants and the promotional campaign was launched in the year 2003.

A major fleet overhaul has been made since then as it mainly flies Airbus A-319 & A-320 for its domestic and short haul flights and Boeing 767 & A-330’s for its long haul routes. On 29th july 2004, a new corporate slogan was adopted “Sincerely Yours, Aeroflot”. In April 2006, Aeroflot became the 10th airline to join SkyTeam and the first aircraft in the soviet union to do so.

Aeroflot Fleet

  1. Airbus A320-200
  2. Airbus A321-200
  3. Airbus A330-200
  4. Airbus A330-300
  5. Boeing 737-800
  6. Boeing 777-300 ER
  7. Irkut MC-21-300
  8. Sukhoi Superjet 100-95

Recently it has placed orders for 15 Airbus A350-900 which is the world’s most advanced aircraft slated for delivery between 2020-2023.

In july 2018, Aeroflot has won the two categories at the prestigious skytrax world airline awards. In addition to being the best airline in Eastern Europe, it is also awarded the best premium economy onboard catering across all world airlines.

As of September 2018, Aeroflot has served 146 destinations in 52 countries. As of July 2013, Aeroflot is the official carrier of the Manchester United Football team. This is the first instance of a Russian company signing a contract with a European football club.

“Aeroflot is continuing to steadily increase its collection of aviation Oscars,” Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev said. “The Skytrax World Airline Awards that we have collected today show that our airline consistently maintains a level of service that is at a high international level. Moreover, Aeroflot is able to compete on an even footing with the strongest global airlines in a key area, namely the quality and variety of our in-flight catering. To receive this award is an honour for any of the world’s airlines. For Aeroflot it also pushes us to become better and more popular, and to offer more convenience in everything we do for our passengers, whose safety and comfort is our highest priority.” Aeroflot operates a 241 strong fleet which is the youngest of any airline worldwide that operates more then 100 aircrafts. In 2017, Aeroflot carried 32.8 MN passengers.

So by this analysis I can surely say that Aeroflot is a serious contender in becoming a giant in the aviation industry and is seriously threatening the so called biggies in the airline market.

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