Article 370 revoked:-Now, India is completely independent!!

5th August 2019 will be a date that will be remembered by everyone in this country. The center today has abolished Article 370 that gives special status to Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) and moved a separate bill to bifurcate the state into 2 separate union territories (UT) namely, Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

Before getting the details on why it needs to be revoked, there are some important things which you need to know about J&K crisis right now.

  • Home Minister Amit Shah announced the revocation of Article 370 of the constitution which grants the special autonomous status of J&K.
  • The official notification of that matter has been signed by President Ram Nath Kovind.
  • Centre has announced bifurcation of J&K into 2 union territories.
  • J&K will be a separate UT with its own legislature
  • Ladakh will be a separate UT without its own legislature.
  • The two states will have a separate lieutenant governor
  • Shah introduced the Jammu & Kashmir reorganization bill in the Rajya Sabha for the same.
  • The scenes were really animated in the RS after the announcements are made by the Home Minister

Article 370 of the constitution was granted special status to Jammu & Kashmir whereby provisions of the constitutions which are applicable to other states are not applicable to J&K. As per this article, except for defense, foreign affairs, finance & communications, Parliament needs the state government’s approval to apply these laws. In the early hours of August 5, Section 144 of the CrPC was imposed in parts of J&K including the Srinagar District as a precautionary measure which meant a complete ban on holding any kind of public meeting & rallies. Cellular services & telephone services have been suspended in the Kashmir Valley. Sat Phones have been provided to officials.

Now let’s understand how the state of J&K is set to change permanently in terms of development.

After the special status of Kashmir is gone, people from anywhere in India would be able to buy property & permanently settle in the state. Owing to this decision People of Ladakh have welcomed the center’s move as this would ensure realize their aspirations. Also, all the provisions of the Indian Constitution shall apply in relation t the state of J&K.

There is a widespread revolt by the opposition against this bill, but the revocation of Article 370 is just going to be a game-changer for the whole of Jammu & Kashmir Region. It will bring about the rapid growth in industries with the industrial revolution in the whole valley which will provide adequate employment to the locals thereby making them self reliant & providing them jobs based on their abilities. It will bring about change in the whole education scenario with top institutions setting up their facilities which will improve the average life of the citizen as a whole. Government-run ITI’s will ensure proper skill development & vocational training to its students and make them job-ready to face the rising industrial demands. Proper revenue flow will ensure the sustained development of J&K as a whole. Big corporates will start investing and make a sizable impact on the economy. Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls will open to markets around the world and will prove to be a great revenue-generating stream which will include a sizable amount of Forex as well. The export of Kashmiri Saffron will start to take place to a great extent which will provide revenue to local Saffron producers. And moreover, locals will stop getting radicalized by different terror organizations as they feel more Indian as they are a part of the scheme of things. Law & Order will be maintained owing to proper rules & regulations being followed.


Moreover, a stable government will be formed which will ensure a stable economy and social well being to its citizens. Leaders will be a part of mainstream politics and create an atmosphere of growth and prosperity to the region as a whole.

Hence the Revocation of Article 370 is the real Freedom for India as a country and it ensures the motto “One People, One India”


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