Top 10 Richest Celebrities In The World In 2019

The Star Wars maker tops the Forbes list of wealthiest celebrity for 2018. The list includes filmmakers, athletes, musicians, authors, magicians and reality stars, cosmetics magnate.

Now here are the ten most-rich and famous celebrities of the year 2019, based on Forbes methodology that evaluates net worth earnings, private company stakes, traded assets, real estate assets.

1. George Lucas, $7.5 billion


2. Steven Spielberg, $5.1 billion

3. Oprah Winfrey, $3.9 billion

4. Michael Jordan, $2.3 billion

5. Kylie Jenner, $1.25 billion


6. Jay-Z, $1.24 billion

7. David Copperfield, $1.2 billion

8. Diddy, $1.15 billion

9. Tiger Woods, $1.11 billion

10. James Patterson, $1.10 billion


Look at how amazing this list is !!! All your favorite celebs in one place. 

Write your comments down below. Tell us know whom do you want to see in this list.

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