Top 10 Strongest Economies of the World in 2019

The world GDP is the added sum of the gross national income for each and every country in the world. Gross national income takes the complete country’s GDP, adds the value of income that it gains from imports, and subtracts the value of money that it loses from exports. The total value it gets from gross national income, And today we will tell you the top 10 strongest economies.

1. The United States of America – GDP (IMF): 21,410,230

2. China – GDP (IMF): 15,543,710

3. Japan – GDP (IMF): 5,362,220

4. Germany – GDP (IMF): 4,416,800

5. India – GDP (IMF): 3,155,230

6. France – GDP (IMF): 3,060,070

7. United Kingdom – GDP (IMF): 3,022,580


8. Italy – GDP (IMF): 2,261,460

9. Brazil – GDP (IMF): 2,256,850

10. Canada – GDP (IMF): 1,908,530

it is said that by the year 2036 India and China will be the strongest economies in the world surpassing The United States of America.

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